Riverside Clinical Research Changes Name to Velocity Clinical Research

Riverside Clinical Research is pleased to announce exciting news regarding the evolution of our facility…our recent purchase, subsequent name change and all of the unparalleled advantages and benefits it will afford our clinical trial volunteers.

Our new name is Velocity Clinical Research, and along with that name comes the ability to present ourselves as the most innovative and trusted clinical research organization in existence today. Becoming part of the Velocity Clinical Research organization also enables us to expand our efficiency and services, as well as improve the competent manner in which we conduct our clinical trials. All of the above will help us to more effectively conduct an even broader range of trials in the hopes of discovering an even wider array of remarkable treatments.

The look of our logo, signage, website and collateral materials may be changing, but our core values and dedication of our experienced research team – which is also reflective of the passion and efficacy of Velocity Clinical Research – will definitely not change. Our team remains wholeheartedly committed to serving as a valuable research resource for our volunteer clinical trial participants, as well as treating each and every patient with the utmost compassion, kindness and care as we tirelessly strive to attain extraordinary advances in medicine and treatments.

So what’s in a name? A lot if you are Velocity. Velocity Clinical Research raises the clinical trial bar by utilizing an integrated approach which combines excellence in patient care, trusted clinical expertise and centuries of experience to expedite the highest quality clinical data.

A wholly-owned, innovative clinical trial approach enables Velocity Clinical Research to elicit rapid responsiveness in all areas, from initial feasibility studies, to patient enrollment, straight through to successful clinical study completion. Additionally, an engaging, comfortable environment and exceptional patient care allow Velocity Clinical Research to maintain unprecedented levels of patient retention and consistent quality referrals.

The longevity of Velocity Clinical Research is a testament to its operational excellence and proven, consistent reliable results. Founded in 2017, the focus of Velocity Clinical Research has been centered on clinical trials for over 250 years and includes over 5,000 successfully completed clinical studies. 

However, it is not just unparalleled experience gained over time yielding successful clinical trial completions that defines Velocity Clinical Research. Velocity Clinical Research is composed of accomplished physician investigators and research staff members whose subspecialties are numerous and diverse, as well as highly trained, dedicated study coordinators. These devoted professionals are passionate about the Velocity Clinical Research mission, which is to generate the highest quality data from as many patients as possible, while constantly delivering exemplary patient care. 

The Velocity Clinical Research organization shares the Riverside Clinical Research fresh, innovative prospective, our openness to change and progress in the hopes that it will lead to improved care and quality of life, a moral compass which points unwaveringly toward integrity; our provision of compassionate care, kindness and authenticity to everyone we encounter; and an efficient work-ethic which consistently improves productivity.

The goals of Velocity Clinical Research are to provide innovative, effective medical treatments to patients as quickly and efficiently as possible – across a multitude of therapeutic disciplines; and to drive improvement within the industry of clinical research by enhancing site productivity and streamlining study-related processes. One of the immensely successful ways that these goals are accomplished is with research facilities strategically located across the country, which promote optimal patient access and diversity – each of which are vital components within effective clinical trials.

You can expedite and ensure the results of your clinical trials by reaching out to Velocity Clinical Research today. Or, if you are interested in joining the Velocity Clinical Research team volunteering to participate in an upcoming clinical research study, contact the professionals at Velocity Clinical Research to see if you qualify. Simply call 386-428-7730 Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

You are also welcome to access the patient portal on our website and enroll with Velocity Clinical Research so that you may be contacted about studies conducted in your area. Velocity Clinical Research can also be reached by email at info@velocityclinicalresearch.com

Velocity Clinical Research volunteers possess the unique opportunity to contribute to advancements in medicine and treatment. Consequently, these clinical study volunteers play an integral part in making the world a better place – a world filled with hope and a wide array of wonderful medical possibilities. 

Along with helping to improve our greater community, clinical trial participants also often benefit from access to innovative medications and therapies well before they become available to the general public through commercial markets. Clinical trial volunteers are also able to take a more active part in their own healthcare. In addition, Velocity Clinical Research volunteers are paid for their time, there are no costs for the medical procedures or treatments provided and there is no insurance necessary to participate.

The Velocity Clinical Research experienced physicians, research personnel and clinical trial coordinators work closely with clinical trial volunteers to deliver exceptional patient care and to vigilantly monitor and assess the benefits and effectiveness of certain treatments. This extraordinary research facility can support up to 26 in-house patients and a large number of outpatients. 

Velocity Clinical Research is also conveniently located at 1410 S. Ridgewood Avenue in the lovely, vibrant town of Edgewater…and right next door to charming, beachside, historic New Smyrna Beach and all that beautiful Florida community has to offer as well.