Meet Riverside Clinical Research

  • RCR offers clinical pharmacology services in Phases I, II, III, IV.
  • RCR can host 25 inpatients at one time.
  • RCR provides a team of experienced professionals committed to excellent pharmaceuticals research with a personal touch.
  • RCR’s professional facility provides access to the area’s leading physicians in various medical fields.
  • RCR provides access to over 35,000 research participants.
  • RCR is a reputable and well recognized site by Clinical Research Organizations and leading pharmaceutical companies meeting or exceeding recruitment targets with a high degree of protocol compliance and data quality.

Voted Best Medical Facility

RCR has won four awards from the Central Florida Hometown News:

  • 2013 Voted Best Medical Research Facility in New Smyrna Beach
  • 2013 Voted Best Medical Research Facility in Daytona Beach
  • 2014 Voted Best Medical Research Facility in New Smyrna Beach
  • 2014 Voted Best Medical Research Facility in Daytona Beach
  • 2014 Voted Best Medical Research Facility in Port Orange
  • 2015 Voted Best Medical Research Facility in New Smyrna Beach
  • 2015 Voted Best Seminars & Workshops in New Smyrna Beach
  • 2016 Voted Best Medical Research Facility in New Smyrna Beach

RCR Amenities

  • Large, secured, locked, limited access drug room with Ambient Refrigerator and Freezer
  • Onsite Lab with Sample Collection and Shipping
  • Local clinical laboratory for safety and STAT results, ability to use Central Lab as well
  • Dry Ice
  • Security system with alarm and cameras
  • Dedicated Spirometry room
  • Private room for consenting
  • 3 rooms for Monitor visits with Wi-Fi and ability to hardwire into system
  • 2 Dedicated Exam Rooms
  • 8 Patient rooms that can also be used as exam rooms/ private consenting rooms
  • Able to house up to 16 overnight patients, each room with bed(s), recliner, lockable storage, flat screen TV, cable, Wi-Fi, desk and chair
  • Patient Theater room
  • Large eat-in kitchen
  • Showers
  • On-site storage for closed study files
  • On-site access to Physicians
  • Local hospital only 4.3 miles away

Riverside Clinical Research, RCR, is a research site conveniently located in East/Central Florida.

  • Lunch room

  • Laboratory

  • Theater Room

  • Reception Area

  • RCR Hallway 2nd Floor

  • Patient Rooms

What Riverside Clinical Offers

RCR has developed an excellent working relationship with physicians in the East/Central Florida area with patient care foremost in mind.
RCR is very involved in the community, whether it be participating in the local parades, entering the chili cook-offs, or the staff teaming up together to run a 5k race.

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RCR Source

Riverside Clinical Research has developed some valuable source documents, which are all IRB approved, as well as other source that are more study specific. Also, all source documents are kept in a hard 3-ring binder which is labeled appropriately from Informed Consent to Adverse Events; this is to ensure consistency and accuracy. A typical patient source binder would have the following labels:

Records Room

Storage Room

1. Informed Consent
2. Receipt of Informed Consent
3. Medical History- which is signed by patient, reviewed by CRC and signed, then reviewed by Investigator and signed.
4. Records Release Form
5. Progress Notes Coordinator and Investigator
6. Telephone Log
7. Lab Reports/ ECG’s
8. Visits according to Protocol
9. Concomitant Medications
10. Adverse Event/ SAE

Team Credentials

All staff is GCP Certified
CEO- Trish Hardee, 20+ years of experience
Director of Clinical Operations-
Bruce Hardee, 20 years of experience
Clinical Site Manager- Cassandra March, 20 years of experience
Business Development Team
5 Investigators
4 CCRC’s, 8-20 years of experience
3 CRC’s, 14-19 years of experience
On-site RN, 9 years of experience
5 Full-time Patient Recruitment specialists
2 Regulatory Specialists
Lab Technicians/Phlebotomist with IATA Certification
Contracted, Licensed ACLS
Contracted, Licensed Dietitian

RCR Equipment

Cold Storage
-20 freezers
-70 freezers
Ambient Storage
200+ sq.ft. of ambient drug storage on site
Temperature Monitoring
All storage is monitored every 3 minutes with TempGuard System that will send a variance of Alerts via text, email, and phone call if temperature reaches excursion ranges.
Lab and Clinical
Ambient & Refrigerated Centrifuges
Crash cart
Multiple point of care systems
Accurate certified patient scales
12 lead ECG Machines
Pulse Oximetry Machines
Oxygen Tanks
Laminar Hood
Scale to weigh Study Drug
Glucose Monitoring System
Bladder Scanner
Spirometry equipment
Blood Pressure Equipment
Back-up Generator
IV Infusion Pump
**all equipment is calibrated every 6 months by Life Source Medical, Inc.