Tour the Facility

Reception Area

First impressions are everything…. Our visitors are greeted in a professional, calming manner and are always treated like a VIP. Patient registration/scheduling takes place here.

Kitchen and Dining

RCR offers a contemporary, state of the art kitchen with controlled atmosphere where patients can be monitored by their dieticians. Equipped with everything needed for a great dining experience featuring coffee bar, stove, refrigerator and ample seating.

Patient Rooms

Comfort and privacy is key in our extended stay patient rooms. Each room has 1 or more beds, a reclining chair, nightstand, lamp, flat screen TV, locker, Wi-Fi and a desk area.

Sponsor Restroom

A private restroom is provided for our sponsors that is kept separate from the patient bathrooms. Here you can relax in our sitting area and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing cup of water at the coffee bar.

Administrative Offices

Our staff works cooperatively to ensure our patient data is collected in a private and secure manner. Professionalism, courtesy and compassion is essential for clinical research. Our dedicated recruitment staff utilizes a clinical trial management system (CTMS), and encryption software for document protection. The building is protected by video surveillance for patient, sponsor and staff security at all times. RCR takes pride in our excellent staff ability to answer any study related questions.


Utilizing state of the art equipment and multiple on-site point of care systems, our high-tech laboratory can satisfy nearly all sponsor demands. Our laboratory features a multi-functioning centrifuge, cold storage refrigerator and mod 70º freezer that delivers precise temperature uniformity. Also, our -20º C locked freezer stores delicate specimen. Clia waived — analysis, incubations, and results are generated in laboratory which eliminates the need to send out specimens to other laboratories.

Movie Theater Room

While staying with us for clinical trials, patients are welcome to relax and watch movies in our lavish theater room. Relax in our ultra comfortable couch while enjoying your favorite movies, shows and board games.

Monitor Rooms

We offer private, spacious offices for our study monitors to review charts and meet with CRC’s. Quality checks & assurance are performed in this separate and private rooms for application of protocol adherence.

Examination Rooms

Two spacious examination rooms available for physicians to assess and consult with study participants. RCR offers fully equipped state of the art rooms where patients feel safe and comfortable.

Storage Room

Patient and research files are kept in a secure vault that is temperature controlled, and fireproof to ensure our records maintain their integrity for many years. Our vault is a solid, heavy duty and organized storage room for our important documents.

Presentation Area

Large sitting area equipped with projection screen for presentations, orientations and meetings. Located on the first floor in the building, we use this area for patient education. In this room we offer initiation & patient seminars. Highlighting a large projection screen and ample seating for conferences. RCR enjoys hosting site initiation visits in this room and for convenience we also offer a copy machine.

Quiet Room

A thoughtful arrangement of soothing decor and a quiet space for patients. This area is perfect for reading paperwork and filling out documents without pressure or a time limit. We want our patients to feel comfortable through the entire stay of their visit.

Regulatory Department

Our Regulatory Specialist accurately complies and maintains regulatory documents to the highest standards. We are able to provide a 36-48 hour turn around time for regulatory submissions. ALL past study documents are maintained on site.

Business Development

Our Business Development department is where the magic happens….

Men’s Restroom

Our men’s bathroom is a modern and fun for our gentlemen to feel comfortable and relaxed. Featuring clean and private stalls with a hand washing sink. Garage themed for those patients that enjoy a contemporary grungy look.

Women’s Restroom

Our women’s restroom is clean, bright, colorful and vibrant. Featuring multiple hand washing sinks, private stalls and a relaxation area for our patients. Adorned with upbeat and inviting wall to wall decor throughout this room.