Who Is Velocity Clinical Research?

A wholly-owned clinical trial site model, Velocity Clinical Research provides an integrated approach to ensure expedited study set-up, accelerated patient enrollment, excellent patient care and comfort, reliable results and superior data delivery. Velocity Clinical Research has conducted successful clinical trials for over 35 years and offers over 350 years of collective clinical research and site operation. The extensive clinical trial experience within Velocity Clinical Research includes over 7,500 completed clinical trials and its operational excellence extends to 32 owned and integrated location sites.

The mission, at Velocity Clinical Research, is to develop innovative medical treatments for patients across multiple therapeutic areas as quickly and efficiently as possible without sacrificing accuracy. Sponsor convenience is also a primary focus of Velocity Clinical Research. Consequently, there is one point of contact for budgets and contracts. Velocity Clinical Research also provides data query resolution within 48 hours of query generation. Additionally, Velocity Clinical Research offers multi-specialty research capabilities and the subsequent understanding of the nuances which accompany various therapeutic assessments, as well as the ability to pinpoint patients who meet study criteria, resulting in a rapid enrollment process.

Velocity Clinical Research therapeutic areas include allergy and immunology, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology/metabolism, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, medical devices, men’s and women’s health, neurology, pain, psychiatry, respiratory, rheumatology/musculoskeletal, sleep medicine, urology, and vaccine.

Velocity Clinical Research is deeply committed to the improvement of medical research which is attained with enhanced site productivity, integrated clinical study technology and a streamlined clinical trial process; and the Velocity Clinical Research team is an impressive one, brimming with accomplished physician investigators and research professionals. Velocity Clinical Research has comprised a group of 130 experienced, knowledgeable investigators specializing in widely diverse areas.

The Velocity Clinical Research multi-specialty research sites are strategically located throughout the United States and have expanded into Europe as well. These carefully vetted research venues each possess excellent geographic accessibility to a diverse patient pool and critical sub-populations.

Continually committed to accommodating a consistently changing and challenging medical landscape, Velocity Clinical Research provides enhanced productivity through advanced technology. Velocity propels patient-centric care to new heights with its “DeepCentric” platform – trusted and secure digital clinical trial execution centered on its patients, which ultimately culminates in enriched patient-clinician collaboration, increased patient engagement through analytics and, by applying deep artificial intelligence algorithms (Custom artificial intelligence capabilities include voice, image, computer vision and optical character recognition.), generates digital clinical data instantaneously. Additionally, mobile analytics increases daily patient trial adherence and provides opportunities for deeper analytical insights. DeepCentric also delivers inter-operable technological capabilities leading to compatible solutions.

Velocity Clinical Research acquired TierHealth, establishing a technology hub in Hyderabad, India for the purpose of cutting-edge application development within decentralized clinical trials to ease the burden on patients (which further enhances its exceptional patient recruitment, patient retention and referral fostering capabilities), increase accuracy and accelerate patient enrollment. Digitizing sites for decentralization which enables remote performance and creates portable solutions also extends the reach of Velocity Clinical Research capabilities and provides the ultimate patient convenience.

This DeepCentric artificial intelligence-driven clinical research platform also includes a multi-layered security design (with biometric authentication, data encryption and secured conferences) producing ZERO vulnerability to data security compromises. All Velocity Clinical Research clinical data is placed on a Blockchain platform, resulting in delivery data immutability and controlled access.

The Velocity Clinical Research sites themselves, along with the remarkable amenities they house, are also fundamental to its success. Offering temperature controlled, locked and monitored drug storage rooms, refrigerated centrifuges, incubators, back-up power generation capabilities, as well as certain sites equipped with overnight capabilities for pharmacokinetic trials, Velocity Clinical Research sites are impeccably stocked and state-of-the-art. In addition, the workflow at Velocity Clinical Research facilities was designed by clinicians for clinicians, promoting greater flexibility and productivity. Velocity Clinical Research data quality and consistency is also outstanding, with integrated medical records, uniform recruitment systems and site directors ensuring local site compliance.

There is no question that sponsors can trust the integrity, reliability and quality of Velocity Clinical Research results and that patients can count on unsurpassed compassionate care. The professionals within Velocity Clinical Research are passionate in their pursuit of an innovative, progressive approach, the delivery of medical excellence, productivity and efficiency.

Here, locally, Velocity Clinical Research is conveniently nestled along the lovely Central Florida coast in the vibrant town of Edgewater, which is another patient perk. It is a convenient drive to Orlando’s attractions, Kennedy Space Center and historic St. Augustine and is only minutes away from Daytona Beach.

If would like to join the dedicated team at Velocity Clinical Research as a clinical study volunteer in Edgewater, Florida or you are an interested sponsor, simply call 386-428-7730 Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. or Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; or email your questions to info@riversideclinicalresearch.com. You can also learn more about the clinical research trials at Velocity Clinical Research by accessing the patient or sponsor portals which can be found on at riversideclinicalresearch.com. 

Velocity Clinical Research volunteers not only significantly contribute to enhancements in medicine, they may benefit from innovative medical treatments before they are made available to the general public. Velocity Clinical Research volunteers may also be compensated for their time and travel, there are no costs for the medical procedures or treatments provided and there is no insurance necessary to participate. Velocity Clinical Research is located at 1410 S. Ridgewood Avenue and can accommodate up to 24 in-house clinical trial volunteers, as well as numerous outpatients.